long story…

Not really, I’ve been on just not diligent about actually writing.

Holidays got me, and I wobbled. Got back on it in December but felt off. By January 1st I found out why…

Looks like I’ll be a mommy come September. So workouts are being modified. Food is being eaten (for myself and a gummy bear, not for 2).

excited and nervous. Also I think a bit worried about the potential weight gain, not sure how my body will react. We’ll see I guess.

half marathon bound!

Haven’t been posting lately, have pictures to upload. My weight is still at 145-147. Been hard to get lower.

But we (husband and I) decided to try for a half marathon. I am by no means a great runner, always hated it.

We started running mainly to get the dogs out of the house, and to get exercise when I got home too late to go to the gym.

we started running about a mile a day. Then we venture out and got the dogs used to almost 2.

When we decided to look into doing a half marathon we started the dogs on a 5k run. Dogs are staying at that.

Now, husband and I are running 6 to 9 miles (a 5k when I get home late, or too tired…TOO TIRED). When did running become a part of my life?

I’m having lots of fun challenging myself. 4 miles to add to complete a half marathon. Challenge accepted :)

old photos

Husband pulled out some old photos that needed to be sent to immigration (to prove we are married and together).

He asked me if I wanted to take a look at them before he put them away. These pictures spanned from after we got married to about a month ago.

I could barely recognize myself in some. My husband just smiled while I looked. For him, he just sees me and is proud of me for sticking to my goal. He looks at the memories we have.

But me, I just feel sad. I look happy in the pictures, but I remember feeling uncomfortable. I remember hoping the pictures came out okay. As time progressed I seen my confidence rise.
I’m trying really hard to not see my past as before photos. I just want memories to be memories…why is that so hard?

I’m here, still working on it.

Still here, still trying to lose weight, get healthy.

I was in a bit of denial thinking I had not gained weight. When I got a hold of a scale and seen the number, was a bit of a shock. I knew why scrub pants were a bit snug, I kept saying was bloat from eating out….

Well, not really bloat. More like going from 143 (my lowest) to 158…

But when I seen that I worked it out. I accepted it, and started correcting it. I reached 154 pretty quick, so at least a bit was bloat.

I cut back on snacks, also on gluten…noticed some stomach issues when consuming wheat. So I’m back to basics on food, feeling more energetic.

I’m currently at 149…6lbs away from being back at my lowest. And I’m 19 lbs away from my goal.
I wish I could say that losing weight was smooth sailing. I wish I hadn’t gained back some of the weight. I was a bit ashamed to write this out…I hadn’t had a set back this bad.

But I hope this helps out those struggling. I hope it helps you to regain you motivation.

I’ll be posting a before and after soon. Because although I am 6 lbs over my lowest…husband says I looks smaller. We have been doing more strength and lots of swimming. So I’d like unbiased opinions :)

Back to basics

I’m on the road to losing weight and toning up. I finally feel comfortable with my work schedule and my personal life has finally settled to a calmer state.

So I’m putting my focus back on fitness, health and…me :)

Started p90x on Monday…so crazy sore…its ridiculous! But I love it!

Will keep you all posted, thank you for sticking with me and I’ll be sure to start sharing a lot more.

swim day

after my late lunch, headed to gym for a nice swim. Will feel good after being on my feet at work. Tomorrow I have a late shift, so hopefully all get up early enough to get a workout in.

Eating wise, doing pretty good :)

Hope you all are doing well!

quick and tiring workout

Got to gym at 9 they close at 10. Went in and warmed up for 3 min on stair machine thing ( scary machine). Then series of arm, chest, ab , and booty workouts for 30-35 min. From there took a dip in pool and swam a total of 14 laps (raced with husband lol) then quick rinse off and out the door 5 min after closing….whew! Felt great.

hi everyone!

I’m still here, creeping around on tumblr. My goal of getting to 130 is still in effect, I’ve been maintaining 143-145 for a while now. But I’m not discouraged ( most days ).

Still exercising ( though not as often as I did or should) my motivation is slowly picking up again. With the job and moving I wobbled on my path but I’m getting my balance again :)

I’m just glad I haven’t gained a lot. Sometimes I have that fear that I’ll wake up and all my hard work is gone because I’ve slowed down.

Food wise, not all great choices, but again gaining balance of it all. Thinking maybe keeping you all updated will keep me accountable for doing my routine and eating right.

So hello again, forgive the long hiatus. :) Now time to get ready to swim :D

know what’s a great workout?

Moving…moving things from a house you and your parents lived in for 8 years…8 years f accumulated furniture, papers, figurines, etc. All being sorted, boxed, hauledto storage units or donated.

My arms are sore, back..sore, legs..sore.

This has been my wirkout for the past 2 weeks…

If all goes well I get a break when I go to work, whichnow seems much less exhausting. Also might sneak a hike in somewhere :D

Eating is hit or miss. Christmas was sweets and tamales…i can’t say no to tamales on Christmas. Anyway, all is well with me, hope you all are doing awesome…write me, respond, input, vent, whatever you desire :) I’m here.

I need to escape so bad, this place would be great!

I need to escape so bad, this place would be great!

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Good morning :) I’ve been on tumble, just not active on here. I wish I could report that I have made amazing progress or something.

But truth is I haven’t weighed myself in over a month. My pant size is between 6 and 8. My shirts are between xs and s. I feel like there isn’t much to change. I would still like to lose the last the couple pounds, but I wouldn’t be depressed if I couldn’t.

The biggest issue now, loose skin. I hate it, but I live with it. Slowly it shrinks, but can take years before I’ll know what is staying and what will go away.

So for now I keep on with my exercise and eating healthy (on most days) :)

hope you all are doing well, feel free to ask questions.

Last day of work for this week :D

So excited to have time off and spend time with my family.

Last year was a success, I ate proper portions, drank my water. So, this year should be no different. Ah, stuffing…:)

Hope you all have a great day.

Yesterday was strength, my booty is sore…means it’s working! Today we have cardio, doing it after work…rain this morning :/

feel free to leave me messages/ questions